A performance-obsessed, Uncommonly transparent, thoroughly likable, Boutique Media Agency.

We’re a full-service media agency in Los Angeles County, California. 

Tim Walsh started SHIFT at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020. Having built and led top agency media teams across U.S coasts, supporting brands like BlackBerry, TCL, Wyndham, Marriott, CooperVision, Prestone,  Falken Tire, Amgen, and Pfizer. 

The SHIFT mission? Keep it simple. All eyes on the objective. Don’t let the business of things get in the way of the process or reaching the goal as quickly or as efficiently as possible. What does that mean? Fewer things, fewer people and parts, less overhead, LESS stuff where it isn’t needed. A hyper-focused team, hyper-focused on using expert skills to deliver killer results to our strategic partners.

No long-term contracts where they aren’t needed. No standing weekly calls where they aren’t needed.  Just progress, results, optimization, insight, action, repeat. 

what makes us different

the codes we Shift by

We're not Saving Lives.

We love growing businesses and we’re stewards of spend, but we’re not performing heart surgery or climbing into burning buildings. Nobody lives or dies by this stuff. Let’s try to remember that when Tim misses the mark with a well intended joke. 

integrity & trust

Relationships built on trust always produce the best results. They are the only ones we seek. No smoke and mirrors, no surprises – unless it’s your birthday. 


It’s not all science and it’s not all art. At its best, media planning and buying combines expert knowledge, tech, and a healthy dose of gut. 

Channel Agnostic

We’re digital lovers – it’s where we are drawn most of the time and often digital channels make sense, but not every time. We will always pick the right medium and the right channel mix to serve the objective. 

the extra mile

It’s in our DNA. If Chevron hadn’t grabbed it for their convenience stores, it might be our agency name. It’s the difference between people pleasing and loving the work and respecting the relationship. 


We’re not personal trainers. You won’t hire us and want to puke from exerting yourself. You will enjoy a strategic partnership.